An architecture for emotional smartphones in Internet of Things



In the past few years, the idea of the “Internet of Things” (IoT) has been developing rapidly, with sensors and machines communicating with each other through the Internet. These new technologies can be used to support new types of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS). Even though CPS consider humans as a part of themselves, they still treat humans as external elements, with unpredictable behavior. In fact, in order to the new IoT serves human needs better, it has to take into account all sorts of psychological and emotional states. Smartphones present an excellent opportunity to do so as they are a key element in IoT and they contain several sensors that allow us to collect information about user movement, location, environment, and interactions with other people. This type of mobile device usually accompanies the user anywhere he goes throughout the day. This paper presents a work about a new paradigm that integrates human in the IoT. This paradigm is validated by the implementation of 3 applications that are detailed in this paper - HappyWalk, WeDocare and HappySpeak.


Human-in-the-Loop, Emotional Sensing, Smartphones


Ecuador Technical Chapters Meeting (ETCM), IEEE, October 2016

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