Towards an Approach for Trustworthiness Assessment of Software as a Service



Trust and trustworthiness assessment in cloud com- puting, as in other areas, is anything but simple, mainly due to the complex and dynamic nature of the cloud, variety of services (e.g., safety-critical or business-critical), large number of relevant quality attributes (e.g., security and performance), and last, but foremost, due to the subjective notion of trust and trustworthiness. In this paper, we first review the concepts related with trust in cloud computing. Then, we present a context-aware approach to benchmark cloud software services (SaaS) from a trustworthiness perspective. This approach helps providers to assess and improve their services and customers to select more trustworthy services.


Trustworthiness, Trust, Cloud Computing, Soft- ware as a Service (SaaS)


Trustworthiness in cloud

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IEEE International Conference on EDGE Computing (EDGE 2017) 2017

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