INTENSE: INteroperability TEstiNg as a SErvice



The web services technology has been created to support communication between heterogeneous platforms. Despite its maturity, built upon more than a decade of experience, research and practice show that the technology still fails to connect web service client applications to servers, even when the programming languages involved are the same. This is especially troubling for service providers, as a failure in the inter-operation of web services may lead to disastrous consequences for the services involved, which frequently support businesses. In this paper, we present INTENSE, a service deployed as an on-line web application, designed to test the interoperability of a web service against specific client-side platforms. The tool is able to test the pre-runtime steps involving code generation and the end-to-end runtime communication, present in a web service interaction with a client. We used INTENSE to test a set of web services deployed on Glassfish and WildFly against the well-known Metro JAX- WS, JBossWS, and Axis2 client platforms, which disclosed severe interoperability issues.


web services, interoperability, testing, SOAP


24th IEEE International Conference on Web Services (ICWS 2017), June 2017

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