Evaluation of a Quality of Service Routing Strategy for the Differentiated Services Framework



In this paper we present the evaluation of the University of Coimbra Quality of Service routing (UC-QoSR) strategy for the Differentiated Services framework. This strategy enables routers to dynamically select paths suitable for each traffic class considered and to perform the respective forwarding. UC-QoSR was implemented as an extension to the OSPF routing protocol included on the GateD routing platform, running on the FreeBSD operating system. We present the results concerning the evaluation of the processing overhead due to the more frequent application of the path computation algorithm and to an increased complexity of the forwarding process. The determination of the factors that influence convergence time is also subject of this analysis. The results obtained for UC-QoSR are compared to the results for OSPF. We show the effectiveness of the mechanisms used in UC-QoSR to make QoS routing scalable in terms of processing cost and responsive as to convergence time.


Quality of Service Routing


QoS routing

Related Project

QoS II - Quality of Service in Computer Communication Systems


The 2nd International Conference on Internet Computing (IC'2001), June 2001

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