Insider Attacks in a Non-secure Hadoop Environment



Security is not one of the key features of big data platforms and data security in these systems was not thought from scratch. Though it is of utmost importance, in most systems, not even the most basic security mechanisms are enabled and configured. Big Data systems store and process millions of confidential information from people all over the world: credit cards, addresses, health data, financial data, etc. Apache Hadoop, one of most popular big data platforms, stores important amounts of data that is also subject to attacks. The main problem is that, by default, these platforms do not have active security and there is no valid and reliable authentication model, which makes them vulnerable to internal attacks. In this paper, we assess the importance of security mechanisms and how they are currently configured on big data platforms. We also evaluate the impact of encryption mechanisms in these platforms.


Insider Attacks in a Non-secure Hadoop Environment


WorldCIST 2017: Recent Advances in Information Systems and Technologies, March 2017

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