Building a Smart City IoT Platform - The SusCity Approach



The Internet of Things is being used in several application domains and is identified as one of the key enablers of the Smart City paradigm. Notwithstanding some efforts have been carried out to advance in the adoption of Web standards and Cloud and Fog computing technologies, developing a Smart City IoT platform remains a challenge.
This paper describes our experience building a Smart City Internet of Things platform framed on the SusCity project. The proposed platform allows the gathering, processing, and visualization of typical gauges in Smart City scenarios, such as water and air quality, temperature, humidity, mobility, and noise levels. The data is standardly collected from different sources and then displayed in a dashboard to the final users.


Internet of Things, Smart City, Environmental Noise


Smart Citites,Internet of Things


48nd Spanish Congress on Acoustics and the Iberian Encounter on Acoustics (TECNIACUSTICA), August 2017


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