Sonifying Twitter’s emotions through music



Sonification is a scientific field that seeks to settle sound as a
mean to interpret data, whose development has been directly connected
with the growth of technology in everyday life. This allowed the establishment
of new on-line communication tools, such as Twitter, as a part
of a daily routine that gave users the possibility to share their opinion
and feelings about national and global events. This paper reports a work
in progress with the purpose of uniting this social media phenomena with
sonification, using Twitter data to extract the user’s emotions and mapping
them to musical variables. The purpose of this work is to explore
the potential of music in translating data as personal and complex as
human emotions, creating new ways of reading and understanding them.


13th International Symposium on Computer Music Multidisciplinary Research, Matosinhos, Porto, 25-28th September 2017 (best paper award - paper with a student as first author), September 2017

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