Knowledge and Technology Transfer between University - Industry - Society: a new crowdsourcing framework for Internet of Things



The emergence of the Web 2.0 created new opportunities for knowledge transfer between University – Industry – Society, such as the crowdsourcing phenomenon which has attracted great attention, and has created new possibilities for knowledge transfer that are still being evaluated. However, much of the existing academic research remains unused and unleveraged after being published, never creating the benefits for society that were expected from both the effort that was put in to produce it and the cost that was supported to allow for the research. This paper seeks to present a critical literature review evaluating the existing knowledge transfer mechanisms and pair it with the new possibilities created by Internet of Things to propose a new knowledge and technology transfer framework between University – Industry – Society that better leverages the usefulness of existing published research and applies it to the creation of new innovative solutions, thus creating an alternative knowledge transfer mechanism.


Innovation, Internet of Things, knowledge transfer, technology transfer, university-industry-society knowledge transfer


Technology transfer, Internet of Things


IEEE International conference on microwave, communications, anthenas and electronic systems (IEEE COMCAS 2017), November 2017

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