The Nuts and Bolts of Conceptual Blending: Multi-Domain Concept Creation with Divago



We revisit Divago, one of the first computational systems based on conceptual
blending theory, along with an integrated and extended description of the
main aspects that characterise it. Our tour around this framework includes revisiting
past publications that report work related to the Divago architecture since the
initial sketch presented in the late 1990s, up to publications reporting experiments
in concept creation, including a detailed description of a more mature version introduced
in 2005. Additionally, we report ongoing research work aimed at adding new
relevant features to the system.


Conceptual Blending


Conceptual Blending

Related Project

ProSECCo - Promoting the Scientific Exploration of Computational Creativity

Book Chapter

Computational Creativity - The Philosophy and Engineering of Autonomously Creative Systems, 5, pp. 93-120, Springer, January 2019

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