Role Coordination in Large-Scale and Highly-Dense Internet-of-Things



Large-Scale Highly-Dense Networks have been deployed in different application domains of Internet-of-Things for accurate event-detection and monitoring. Due to the high density and large scale, the nodes in these networks must perform some essential communication roles, namely sensing, relaying, data-fusion, and data-control (aggregation and replication). Since the energy consumption and the communication reliability is one of the major challenges in Large-Scale Highly-Dense Networks, the communication roles should be coordinated in order to efficiently use the energy resources and to meet a satisfactory level of communication reliability. In this chapter, we propose an on-demand and fully distributed framework for role coordination that is designed to detect events with different levels of criticality, adapting the data-aggregation and data-replication according to the urgency level of the detected event. Besides the criticality level, the proposed role coordination also takes into account the network information such as energy resources, memory, and link quality. This chapter also presents the related works and shows a qualitative comparison between the proposed framework and the most comprehensive related role coordination frameworks.

Book Chapter

Internet of Things (IoT) in 5G Mobile Technologies, 6, pp. 77-89, Srpinger, April 2016

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