Dr. Divago: Searching for new ideas in a multi-domain environment



This paper presents Dr. Divago, which is a system that aims at getting musical and drawing ideas by searching for
solutions in a multi-domain knowledge base. Its main goal is to achieve successful transfer of ideas between any two
different domains, relying on procedures inspired on metaphor interpretation theories to establish bridges of conceptual
correspondences. This system is currently under development and this paper presents a general outline of what are and
will be its main components.
Far from being a computed artist, we think it can become a promising study on creative problem solving and
cognitive modeling in that its background comes from deeper reflections on three different areas: Creativity, Metaphor
and Case Based Reasoning.


Creativity, Divergent Production, Cognitive Modelling


Divago and Creativity


8th Cognitive Science of Natural Language Processing (CSNLP- 8), September 1999

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