The Relationship between Internet Usage Behavior and Health Problems



World Wide Web (WWW) has huge number of Web pages
with various types of information and has become one of the
main resources of knowledge nowadays. Since more than two
billion people currently use Internet and Social network
Websites, therefore exploration of different effects of Internet
usage on various aspects of life of these users is very essential
for both business owners and academic advisors.
Outlier detection is an area of research with a long history
which has applications in many fields. However, there is no
specific study to identify outliers in students’ community
based on their Internet usage behaviors.
Major contributions of this research are:
? The summary of Internet usage behavior of students
(such as the average [time spent on Internet, number
of visited Web pages] and the most popular visited
Websites) is presented.
? A group of users whose usage behavior is
perceptible differences with others is identified and
introduced as Outliers.
? The relationships between Internet usage behavior
and medical problems in both normal users and
Outliers have been studied.


Women in Computing


Amrita International Conference of Women in Computing (AICWIC’13), November 2013

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