Session-Aware Popularity Resource Allocation for Assured Differentiated Services



Differentiated Service networks are fair in the way that different types of traffic can be associated to different network services, and so to different quality levels. However, fairness among flows sharing the same service may not be provided. Our goal is to study fairness between scalable multimedia sessions for an assured DS service, in a multicast network environment. To achieve this goal, we present a fairness mechanism called Session-Aware Popularity-based Resource Allocation (SAPRA), which allocates resources to scalable sessions based upon their number of receivers. Simulation results in a scalable and multi-receiver scenario show that SAPRA maximizes the utilization of bandwidth and maximizes the number of receivers with high-quality reception.


fairness, multimedia sessions, multicast, differentiated networks, scalable sources


QoS fairness

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SAPRA - Session-Aware Popularity-based Resource Allocation


IEEE Computer Communications, Vol. 40, #9, pp. 104-111, IEEE, September 2002

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