Urban Mobility: Mobile Crowdsensing Applications



Mobility has become one of the most difficult challenges that cities must face. More than half of world’s population resides in urban areas and with the continuously growing population it is imperative that cities use their re-sources more efficiently. Obtaining and gathering data from different sources can be extremely important to support new solutions that will help building a better mobility for the citizens. Crowdsensing has become a popular way to share data collected by sensing devices with the goal to achieve a common interest. Data collected by crowdsensing applications can be a promising way to obtain valuable mobility information from each citizen. In this paper, we study the current work on the integrated mobility services exploring the crowdsensing applications that were used to extract and provide valuable mobility data. Also, we analyze the main current tech-niques used to characterize urban mobility.


Urban Mobility, Ubiquitous Systems, Mobile Crowdsensing

Related Project

URBY.SENSE - Urban mobility analysis and prediction for non-routine scenarios using digital footprints. PTDC/ECM-TRA/6803/2014


9th International Symposium on Ambient Intelligence (ISAmI 2018), June 2018


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