Product Traceability in Ceramic Industry 4.0: A Design Approach and Cloud-Based MES Prototype



We propose a customer-focused approach to design product traceability for Industry 4.0. Our design-science research includes a review of traceability technologies and participative enterprise modeling in the ceramic industry. We find benefits in combining Business Process Modeling Notation and Goal-oriented Requirements Language representations to (1) promote reflection by experts with different backgrounds, (2) reach consensus with a solution that addresses the goals of multiple stakeholders, and (3) ensure that customers’ needs are a priority in traceability design. The resulting model combines technologies in different stages of the product lifecycle and is implemented in a cloud-based MES (Manufacturing Execution System) prototype. Depending on each stage and strategic intention, the identification code can be embedded in the product, transport, or package. Our contribution can assist managers in the creation of cloud-based MES to support traceability integration at (1) technological, (2) vertical, and (3) horizontal levels that are required in the fourth industrial revolution.


Traceability, Ceramic industry, BPM, GRL, Manufacturing execution system, Industry 4.0


ISD. Advances in Information Systems Development. Lecture Notes in Information Systems and Organisation, vol 26, 187-204, March 2018


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