Contribuições para a Gestão de Inundações em Sistemas Urbanos de Drenagem através do Controlo de Barreiras Subterrâneas



The current work studies an innovative usage for urban drainage systems, in which a control system was used to control a set of barriers with the purpose of retaining water in upstream conduits, reducing the overload degree of downstream sections. Presented results show that it is possible to prevent flood events in the considered scenarios and within certain limits. When this task becomes impossible water withdrawals to external retention basins can be promoted. This approach can also be considered as an innovative topic in the program of some subjects of engineering courses


Rule-Based Control Systems, Urban Floods, Urban Drainage Systems

Book Chapter

TICs Aplicadas para el aprendizaje de la Ingeniería 2017, 4, pp. 21-27, IEEE Capítulos Españoly Português de la Sociedadde Educación, July 2017

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