A Rank Scheduling Mechanism for Fog Environments



With the advent of the Internet of Things many applications emerged that are not suitable for well-known paradigms like the Cloud, requiring its extension to provide more features to final users. Thus, the Fog rises as an extension to the Cloud able to provide mobility support, geographical distribution, and lower latency, by moving the services closer to the users, to the edge of the network. This new environment located at the edge comes with its own orchestration challenges. Among the orchestration functions that must be adapted to this new environment is scheduling. This paper presents a simple scheduling algorithm for Fog federative environments that organizes Fog instances into divisions for task assignment. Experimental results show that this approach could be particularly beneficial for critical time applications, commonly located at the Fog.


Fog Computing, Scheduling, Ranking


Cloud, Fog, Scheduling, Orchestration

Related Project

FCT/ CAPES - SORTS: Supporting the Orchestration of Resilient and Trustworthy Fog Services


IEEE 6th International Conference on Future Internet of Things and Cloud (FiCloud), August 2018


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