How to Design An Interactive System for Data Science: A Literature Review



As part of an ongoing design science research project, we present a systematic literature review and the classification of 214 papers scoping the work on Data Science (DS) in the fields of Information Systems and Human-Computer Interaction. The overall search was conducted on Web of Science, Science Direct and ACM Digital Library, for papers about the design of IT artefacts for Data Science, over the period of 1997 until 2017. Our work confirms a rich interdisciplinary field of inquiry and identifies promising research clusters, with examples. Moreover, we found few studies with concrete guidance on how to design a system for DS when targeting for broader technical and business user profiles and multi-domain application. Being a multidimensional and creative complex process, there is potential in the development of hybrid methods of design theory and practice, for a variety of further work from researchers and practitioners.


Data Science,Design Science Research,Design methods,Human Computer Interaction,Information Systems Design,Systematic Literature Review,UI/UX design


27th International Conference on Information Systems Development (ISD2018 - Designing digitalization), August 2018


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