Proactive virtual machine migration in fog environments



Fog computing provides a low latency access to resources at the edge of the network for resource-constrained devices. The high mobility of some of these devices, such as vehicles, brings great challenges related to resource allocation and management. In order to improve the management of computing resources utilized by mobile users connected to the Fog infrastructure, this paper proposes a virtual machine placement and migration decision model based on mobility prediction. Simulations have shown that moving the virtual machine to a Fog node ahead of the user’s route using the proposed approach can decrease by almost 50% the number of migrations needed by the user. The Fog architecture provides an average latency of about 15 milliseconds for the users’ applications and the proposed approach presents a lower latency compared to a greedy approach for the VM placement problem.


Fog, Virtual Machine, Placement, Migration.

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FCT/ CAPES - SORTS: Supporting the Orchestration of Resilient and Trustworthy Fog Services


IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications, June 2018


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