A Personal Robot as an Improvement to the Customers' In- Store Experience



Robotics is a growing industry with applications in numerous markets, including retail, transportation, manufacturing, and even as personal assistants. Consumers have evolved to expect more from the buying experience, and retailers are looking at technology to keep consumers engaged. In today's highly competitive business climate, being able to attract, serve, and satisfy more customers is a key to success. It is our belief that smart robots will play a significant role in physical retail in the future. One successful example is wGO,1 a robotic shopping assistant developed by Follow Inspiration. The wGO is an autonomous and self-driven shopping cart, designed to follow people with reduced mobility (the elderly, people in wheelchair, pregnant women, those with temporary reduced mobility, etc.) in commercial environments. With the Retail Robot, the user can control the shop- ping cart without the need to push it. This brings numerous advantages and a higher level of comfort since the user does not need to worry about carrying the groceries or pushing the shopping cart. The wGO operates under a vision-guided approach based on user-following with no need for any external device. Its integrated architecture of control, navigation, perception, planning, and awareness is designed to enable the robot to suc- cessfully perform personal assistance, while the user is shopping.


Service Robots 2018


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