Augmented Reliable Multicast CORBA Event Service (ARMS): a QoS-Adaptive Middleware



The CORBA Event Service specification lacks important
features in terms of quality of service (QoS) characteristics required
by multimedia information. The main objective of the work described
in this paper is to augment the standard CORBA Event Service
specification with a set of extensions, to turn it into an adaptable
QoS middleware multimedia framework. To meet this, some
extensions to the CORBA Event Service already developed with the
aim of providing multicasting and reliability features have been
enhanced in order to allow the close interaction with multicast
transport protocols and with QoS monitoring mechanisms. The result
was a QoS-aware middleware platform that actively adapts the
quality of service required by the applications to the one that is
provided by the underlying communication channel. The main
quality of service features addressed by the platform ' and discussed
in the paper ' are the support of sessions with different reliability
levels, the provision of congestion control mechanisms and the
capability to suppress jitter.

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