Geometric Search in TGTP



In this age of information the importance of retrieve the knowledge from the many sources of information is paramount. In Geometry, apart from textual approaches, common to other areas of mathematics, there is also the need for a geometric search approach, i.e. semantic searching in a corpus of geometric constructions.

The Web-based repository of geometric problems Thousands of Geometric problems for geometric Theorem Provers (TGTP) has, from the start, some text search mechanisms. Since version 2.0 an implementation of the geometric search mechanism is integrated in it. Using a dynamic geometry system it is possible to build a geometric construction and then semantically search in the corpus for geometric constructions that are super-sets of the former, with regard to geometric properties.

It should be noted that this is a semantic check, the selected constructions may not look like the query construction, but they will possess similar sets of geometric properties.


geometric search, automated deduction in geometry


Geometric Search


Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Automated Deduction in Geometry, September 2018

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