A Social Web Based Pedagogical Strategy for Teaching Journalism



This article presents a pedagogical strategy for the education of journalists in higher education. Its main characteristic is that it occurs mainly on the social web, with the students sharing their journalistic productions in a collective blog and discussing their work on a Facebook page. The strategy also aims at developing the sense of autonomy and democratic participation of the students and their awareness of the values and practices of the profession. The strategy is the culmination of a three-cycle action-research project, developed over a period of five years, on how to educate journalists through innovative learning experiences based on new technologies. We believe that both the strategy and the research that led to it may be inspiring to educators and researchers concerned with the challenges of education on the social web.


Education, Journalism


RED - Revista de Educación a Distancia, Vol. 8, #57, pp. 1-14, Universidade de Murcia, March 2018


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