Emojinating: Representing Concepts Using Emoji



Emoji system does not currently cover all possible concepts. In this paper, we present the platform Emojinating, which has the purpose of fostering creativity and aiding in ideation processes. It lets the user introduce a concept and automatically represents it, by searching for existing emoji and generating novel ones. The system combines the exploration of semantic networks with visual blending, and integrates data from EmojiNet, ConceptNet and Twemoji. To evaluate the system in terms of production efficiency and output quality, we produced emoji for a set of 1509 nouns from the New General Service List. The results show a coverage of 75% of the list.


Computational Creativity, Computational Generation, Concept Representation, Computational Design, Visual Representation, Emoji


The 26th International Conference on Case-Based Reasoning (ICCBR 2018), Stockholm, Sweden 2018

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