Testing A Significant Event Detector In Lab Environment



Nowadays, the lack of resources to provide social support for the elderly is a challenge of many societies. This work describes the development and testing of a significant event detection component to be used to process data from IoT sensors. The solution will be installed in the homes of the elderly, to detect events that are not normal in their daily routine. To test this significant event detector in a laboratory environment it was necessary to build a simulator capable of generating sensor data and compare with expected configurations. The results obtained show that the simulator injects significant abnormalities and left good expectations for the work to be carried out in the future, specifically the use of machine learning tools to further discover what is normal for each individual and raise more accurate notifications.


Internet of Things, Data Injection, Data Processing, Events, Sensors, Simulator


Events detection and data processing


HCist 2018 - International Conference on Health and Social Care Information Systems and Technologies, November 2018

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