SOCIAL Project - Development of component for detection of significant events in real time



Nowadays, the population's aging is one of the major challenges facing the world. The increase in the average life expectancy is one of the main causes of the demographic and socioeconomic changes and, consequently, of the increase of elderly people. Therefore, it is necessary to pay more attention to this age group, in order to reduce the risk of social exclusion.
Due to the lack of technological solutions that ensure interoperability between social institutions, it is necessary to develop information systems in order to improve communication between the actors. The generalization of the IoT solutions and the enhancement of the integrating capacities of the systems can guarantee a closer proximity to citizen monitoring and evaluation.
In order to overcome these problems, the SOCIAL platform (Social Cooperation for Integrated Assisted Living), aims to improve the integration's care of the elderly and those in need of social assistance. Through the development of interfaces and the use of sensors capable to capture data related to physical, cognitive and functional parameters, it will be possible to monitor the user. At the same time, the information obtained will also enable caregivers to assess the health status of the elderly and determine the need for a specific intervention plan.
Based on this project, the goal of the internship is to develop a module for processing environmental sensor data. This should enable the identification of activity patterns based on data received from the installed sensors, launch notifications, in cases where a change in the normal behaviour of the user is observed, and finally use data of multiple sensors and temporal logic to detect more complex events. The publication of an article about developed simulator at the HCIST 2018 (International Conference on Health and Social Information Systems and Technologies) conference is another indication of the enormous potential of all the work that has been done.


Aging, Continuing Care, Internet of Things, Monitoring, Data Processing, Pattern Recognition, Sensors


Data processing for event detection

MSc Thesis

SOCIAL Project - Development of component for detection of significant events in real time, July 2018

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