Network Security for IoT and M2M Communications



As Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies are designed and adopted in the context of standardization efforts, security appears as a fundamental challenge to materialize the majority of the envisioned sensing and actuating applications. The main goals of the present chapter are to offer the reader a clear view of the main challenges currently faced by the industry and research, in dealing with security in the context of such applications, as well as to identify open research issues and opportunities in this context. Research work is currently very active in this area, and many issues still remain to be addressed in order to properly secure IoT and M2M low-energy communication environments, related to the adoption (and adaptation) of proven Internet security solutions, as well as with aspects such as privacy and trust, which are deemed to be fundamental for the adoption of many of the envisioned applications in future IoT environments. We begin by identifying and characterizing the main technologies already available to enable IoT and M2M Internet communications, which have resulted from work already concluded or being conducted in the IETF and ETSI, among other standardization organizations. We next discuss the attack and threat model for such applications, as well as its main security requirements. Next we focus on analyzing how security is addressed for each of the main network technologies, as well as on identifying further research issues and opportunities in the area.


Network security, IoT security, M2M communications

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Book Chapter

Internet of Things (IoT) Systems and Applications, 8, pp. 299-330, CRC Press, October 2019

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