Embedded Programming Bootcamp for Career Change



It is necessary to foster collaborations between academy and industrial partners, so that the set of skills and competences gained by the students are aligned with the needs of industry. Also, some areas are traditionally of scarce availability in the workforce market. One such area is embedded systems programming, due to the multidisciplinary nature of the required skills.
To meet these challenges, a team of Electrical and Computer Science professors from ISEC collaborated with representants of industry to design and offer an intensive course (daylong classes during 6 months) with a narrow focus on embedded systems programming. Paid internships in several industrial partners are available to all students that successfully complete the course. The second edition of the course has recently concluded, with employers reporting students have met or exceeded expectations.


Embedded Systems Education, Professional Reorientation


18th International Symposium on Ambient Intelligence and Embedded Systems, September 2019


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