Workshop on Privacy Challenges in Public andPrivate Organizations



Recent developments in information technology such as theInternet of Things and the cloud computing paradigm enable public andprivate organisations to collect large amounts of data to employ variousdata analytic techniques for extracting important information that helpsimprove their businesses. Unfortunately, these benefits come with a highcost in terms of privacy exposures given the high sensitivity of the datathat are usually processed at powerful third-party servers. Given theever-increasing of data breaches, the serious damage they cause, and theneed for compliance to the European General Data Protection Regula-tion (GDPR), these organisations look for secure and privacy-preservingdata handling practices. During the workshop, we aimed at presenting anapproach to the problem of user data protection and control, currentlybeing developed in the scope of the PoSeID-on and PAPAYA H2020 Eu-ropean projects.


Privacy-enhancing Dashboard, Privacy-preserving Data Analytics, GDPR



Related Project

PoSeID-on, EU H2020 IA – Protection and control of Secured Information by means of a privacy enhanced Dashboard


Privacy and Identity Management 2019, February 2019

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