Cultivating Sociomaterial Transformations in Agriculture 4.0: The Case of Precision Viticulture



Agriculture 4.0 is a growing field of research that aims to solve one of the most critical challenges for humanity: efficient production in a changing environment. This paper presents a two-year long research project in a wine producer with over 800 associates. The results provide an in-depth presentation of transformations in two vineyards using a ubiquitous system supported by smart sensors, machine-learning, and augmented reality. It also highlights the importance of preparing a sustainable strategy that includes (1) a farmer-centered design of agriculture 4.0,(2) an ecosystem of third-party entities that ensure co-evolution with the producer, and (3) the added value of an increasing amount of data. Failing to achieve these recommendations may lead to a decrease in long-term adherence to digital transformation. The findings are relevant for companies that struggle worldwide with extreme threats of climate change and to maximize the return of their investments in agriculture 4.0.


Viticulture 4.0, sociomaterial transformation, ubiquitous systems, smart sensors, augmented reality.


Information systems, Industry 4.0


Twenty-fifth Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS), August 2019

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