Safety Is the New Black: The Increasing Role of Wearables in Occupational Health and Safety in Construction



As wearable technologies are gaining increased attention in construction, we present an integrated solution for their adoption in occupational health and safety (OHS). Research methods include a structured literature review of 37 articles and a year-long design science research project in a construction group. The main results are (1) the identification of new wearable solutions made available by industry 4.0 to prevent hazards, and (2) a wearable model for voluntary regulations compliance. For theory, our research identifies key application areas for integrated smart OHS in construction and highlights the importance of continuous monitoring and alerts to complement the traditional sampling techniques. For practice, we offer recommendations for managers wishing to implement continuous compliance checking and risk prevention using wearable technology. Our findings help improve health and safety audits supported by digital evidence in the sector with most risks of accidents in the European Union.


Occupational health and safety, Industry 4.0, Construction, Internet-of-Things, Wearables, Regulatory compliance


Information systems


Business Information Systems (BIS). LNBIP 353., May 2019


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