Metaphorical Mapping Consistency via Dynamic Logic Programming



In this paper we explore a symbiosis between Dynamic Logic Programming and Metaphor to solve the problem of
inconsistency in metaphorical knowledge integration. The problem of solving inconsistencies that may arise when
knowledge from two different domains is combined, given a metaphorical mapping, is crucial, be it at the stage where
we want to evaluate the appropriateness of the mapping function, or at a subsequent stage when we want to reason with
the combined knowledge. We propose, in a formal and rigorous manner, a transformation and its semantics that solves
the problem of inter-domain inconsistencies by employing the principle of inertia to the rules of the source domain. This
work is part of an ongoing larger project, Dr. Divago, whose final goal is to develop a system to perform automatic
creative reasoning.


Dynamic Logic Programming




AISB'00, April 2000

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