Studying the Applicability of Intrusion Detection to Multi-Tenant Container Environments



The use of containers in cloud-based applications allows for rapid and scalable deployments. Containers are lightweight and appealing to be used even in business-critical systems, but their use implies great security concerns, which are exacerbated in multi-tenant environments. To mitigate these concerns, techniques such as intrusion detection are a must, however, in the containers' context, it has received limited attention. Thus, it is necessary to define an improved approach to container-level intrusion detection for multi-tenant environments. In this paper we make a preliminary feasibility analysis of host-based container-level intrusion detection. For this, we are currently focusing on achieving a stable container profile definition and the results obtained show we are following the correct path.


Containers, Security, Intrusion Detection, Multi-tenancy, Experimental Evaluation

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METRICS: Monitoring and Measuring the Trustworthiness of Critical Cloud Systems


2019 15th European Dependable Computing Conference (EDCC), September 2019


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