Web Interface for River Hydrodynamics Simulation



Due to economic, environmental and social issues, water resources management, including river processes, is increasingly important and dependent on appropriate and efficient tools. In educational terms, is relevant to have web based tools that facilitate the learning process on river hydrodynamics and that offer the possibility of simulating different river conditions. This work presents a Web interface, supported by a Jupyter Notebook, which provides functionalities to configure a hydrodynamic river model and simulate its behavior. This approach considers the Mondego River as a case study and allows the use of different datasets for different meteorological conditions. This tool also provides access to real data, such as water levels and streamflows, collected by geosensors located in the considered area.


web-based platform, hydrodynamics modeling, river simulation, geosensors, hydroinformatics


Hydrodynamics simulation with online experimentation


2019 5th Experiment International Conference ('19), June 2019


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