Secure Remote Data Collection System Using Data Encryption



Nowadays, getting data remotely in a secure way, becomes critical and of utmost importance. The simple task of data transfer can be a problem in remote environments, where the network connectivity is unstable and can be unavailable for some period of times. In this paper is proposed a secure remote monitoring system with data encryption, which collects data from diverse sensors and display them to authenticated users, through charts in a website, with the option of exporting data using an Excel file format. The system created was tested with a hydraulic laboratory setup, where data is collected by a remote Data Logger, transmitted to a server and stored in a non-relational database by an encrypted data transmission that protects its integrity. The results obtained with the developed tests, regarding the success in data transmission, give good perspectives for its usability at a larger scale.


Data acquisition, sensors, security, transmission systems, data encryption


Secure Remote Data Acquisition in Online Experimentation


16th IFAC International Conference on Programmable Devices and Embedded Systems - PDeS 2019, October 2019

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