Using Computational Approaches in Visual Identity Design: A Visual Identity for the Design and Multimedia Courses of Faculty of Sciences and Technology of University of Coimbra



Computational approaches are beginning to be used to design dynamic visual identities fuelled by data and generative processes. In this work, we explore these computational approaches in order to generate a visual identity that creates bespoke letterings and images. We achieve this developing a generative design system that automatically assembles black and white visual modules. This system generates designs performing two main methods: (i) Assisted generation; and (ii) Automatic generation. Assisted generation method produces outputs wherein the placement of modules is determined by a configuration file previous defined. On the other hand, the Automatic generation method produces outputs wherein the modules are assembled to depict an input image. This system speeds up the process of design and deployment of one visual identity design as well as it generates outputs visual coherent among them. In this paper, we compressively describe this system and its achievements.


Computer-aided design software, Dynamic visual identity, generative design, graphic design


Proceedings of the 10th Typography Meeting "Borders", November 2019

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