Generative Type Design: Creating Glyphs from Typographical Skeleton



It is through typography that order and form, visible and durable, is given to written communication. Typography has been accompanied by new technologies, which designers and typographers have adapted. The use of these technologies in the design process boosted the exploration of new approaches for type design. Designers began to explore generative processes in their design process in different types of projects, such as dynamic visual identities or generative typography. In this work, we present an algorithmic system capable of generating glyphs from typographical skeletons. The proposed system receives a skeleton as input, which is filled through one of the drawing techniques chosen by the user and outputs the typeface generated in OpenType format. With the presented system, we explore the relation between legibility and coherence in an innovative type design approach where the generated typefaces can be applied in the most diverse media.


generative design, type design, typographical skeleton, typography


Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Digital and Interactive Arts (ARTECH 2019), November 2019

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