Towards High Energy Efficiency in the Internet of Things



Internet of Things (IoT) protocols provide the fundamental
mechanisms to collect data from low power devices and
lossy networks. IoT protocols collect data blocks from the devices
in messages that have one header and a single payload, regardless
the size of the payload. This paper presents a solution to collect
small size data blocks from low power devices in an efficient way,
carrying these data blocks in the payload of a single message.
Current solutions do not offer manners to gather many small
blocks of data and reduce the overhead of the communication.
The proposed solution is a light-weight layer designed to operate
with the standard IoT protocol stack aiming to reduce the
energy consumption of the energy constrained devices without
lowering the data accuracy. The proposed solution was developed
in Contiki devices and the measurements conducted on a testbed
showed improvements of up to 14% in the energy consumption.


IoT, Energy efficiency


IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications (ISCC 2019), June 2019

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