A Cloud Service Integration Architecture for the Hospitality Sector



We describe the design and implementation of an innovative software platform that enables hoteliers to configure custom solutions to manage their business, by building on multiple existing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions. A flexible cloud integration mechanism uses “drivers” to communicate with various SaaS via their existing APIs. Selection of the solutions is made easy by the inclusion of a Marketplace, and the user experience is made seamless by an homogenous user interface (UI) that orchestrates the calls to the heterogenous underlying logic provided by multiple vendors. The resulting platform is, itself, offered as a SaaS, whose functionality is highly adaptable depending on the chosen integrations. These can be reconfigured at any time, thus avoiding lock-in to any particular one, and without incurring in the costs associated with retraining and learning curves of end-users. The core cloud integration architecture of the platform is generic, so it can be adapted for other domains.


Cloud integration; Hospitality; SaaS


Information Systems Development (ISD) 2019

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