SAPPO: A Simple, Adaptive, Predator Prey Optimiser



The balance of exploration and exploitation in particle swarm
optimisation is closely related to the choice of the algorithm's parame-
ters. Achieving the right balance is essential for the success of a given
optimisation task. This choice is a di±cult task, since for di®erent func-
tions being optimised the ideal parameter sets can also bee very di®erent.
In this paper we try to deal with this issue by introducing two new mech-
anisms in the basic particle swarm optimiser: a predator-prey strategy
to help maintain diversity in the swarm and a symbiosis based adaptive
scheme to allow the co-evolution of the algorithm parameters and the
parameters of the function being optimised.


Particle Swarm, Optmization


EPIA\'03, December 2003

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