A Module for Automatic Learning of Concept Maps



There are currently several interesting works on interactive concept map
construction. This simple representation of knowledge - the concept maps - is widely
accepted as a promising device for helping in complex tasks such as planning and
learning. Moreover, several psychologists (mainly from the constructivist stream)
argue that the use of concept maps in teaching can bring relevant improvements in
students. Nevertheless, as far as we know, these tools for interactive construction of
concept map diagrams have a passive role in the sense that their main concerns rely
upon interface and generality. If a Machine Learning based module was added to
such frameworks, the computer could have an active role in participating in the
concept map construction.
This paper presents Clouds, a module that uses Inductive Learning methods to help
a user build her own concept maps. It uses each new entry on the map as an input for
the learning algorithms, which can be used later for suggesting new concepts and


Concept Mapping

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Year 2004 : 1 citations

 Stavros Papadakis. "Pun Generation via Conceptual Blending", MSc Dissertation. Imperial College London, 2004.