A Structured Framework for Representing Time in a Generative Composing System



The representation of music structures is, from
Musicology to Artificial Intelligence, a widely known
research focus. It entails several generic Knowledge
Representation problems like structured knowledge
representation, time representation and causality.
In this paper, we focus the problem of representing and
reasoning about time in the framework of a structured
music representation approach, intended to support the
development of a Case-Based generative composition
system. The basic idea of this system is to use Music
Analysis as foundation for a generative process of
composition, providing a structured and constrained way
of composing novel pieces, although keeping the essential
traits of the composer?s style.
We propose a solution that combines a tree-like
representation with a pseudo-dating scheme to provide an
efficient and expressive means to deal with the problem.


Time Representation


AI and Music


TIME'97, May 1997

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