REBUILDER: A CBR Approach to Knowledge Management in Software Design (workshop version)



Knowledge generated during the software development process can be a valuable asset for a software company. But in order to take advantage of this knowledge, the company must be able to store this knowledge for later use, which can be achieved through the use of knowledge management tools. This paper provides an overview of a computational system for management and reuse of software design knowledge. We present a Case-Based Reasoning approach combined with a lexical resource: WordNet. We explain how knowledge management is performed and how is the stored knowledge reused.


CBR for Software Reuse

Related Project

ReBuilder - Intelligent Reuse of Software Objects


Sixth International Workshop on Learning Software Organizations (LSO'04), June 2004

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Year 2004 : 1 citations

 Harald Holz, Grigori Melnik: Research on Learning Software Organizations - Past, Present, and Future. LSO 2004: 1-6