Dependability Benchmarking of Web-Servers



The assessment of the dependability properties of a system (dependability benchmarking) is a critical step when choosing among similar components/products. This paper presents a proposal for the benchmarking of the dependability properties of web-servers. Our benchmark is composed of the three key components: measures, workload, and faultload. We use the SPECWeb99 benchmark as starting point, adopting the workload and performance measures from this performance benchmark, and we added the faultload and new measures related to dependability. We illustrate the use of the proposed benchmark through a case-study involving two widely used web servers (Apache and Abyss) running on top of three different operating systems. The faultloads used encompass software faults, hardware faults and network faults. We show that by using the proposed dependability benchmark it is possible to observe clear differences regarding dependability properties of the web-servers.


Dependability benchmarking

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DBench - Dependability Benchmarking


The 23rd International Conference on Computer Safety, Reliability and Security, SAFECOMP 2004, September 2004

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