An Automatic Method for Lexical Semantics Transformation



In many cases the functionality of a system with linguistic capabilities is restricted by the coverage or the nature of its resources. Given
this situation, it seems reasonable to assume that if any creativity is to be expected from a linguistic-capable system, a number of
'creativity specific� demands will be placed on the resources it is using. An easy way to tackle this problem might be to introduce
some version of dynamical pre-processing of the resources, such that each run of the system operates on a creatively different version of
the resource. Such pre-processing could produce an appropriately modified version of the resource that is better prepared to tackle the
required tasks creatively. This paper outlines the role that Divago, a system that generates novel concepts through conceptual blending
of existing ones, can play in such a pre-processing stage.


Linguistic Creativity, Divago, Conceptual Blending


Linguistic Creativity


4th International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC), May 2004

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