"SimulWeb: Web-based Modelling and Simulation Authoring-tools



Web-based educational simulation is not an innovative area, however due to the difficulties that exist in its utilization, the complexity and specificities of many Web simulation applications, teachers have not been sticking in a massive way to the use of simulation in the different educational areas. This led us to develop the ESP-W model that gives a collection of rules, orientations and requirements to the author so that Web-based simulation is used in a proper way in an educational environment. One of ESP-W prescriptions is that an authoring-tool for Web-based educational simulation and modelling is necessary and should be constituted by a group of modules, each one relating to a type of application. A prototype of such a system, SimulWeb, was developed and is described, with special emphasis to one of its modules that allows to build a model of a system and create an Applet that represents it automatically.


Educational Software Development


ED-MEDIA 2004--World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia & Telecommunications, June 2004

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