Construction of an IPv6 Testbed with SSM Support



Source-Specific Multicast (SSM) was developed in order to overcome the current limitations of multicast systems in the Internet. The existing solution for IP multicast ' based on IGMP to announce hosts interested in receiving multicast information and on PIM-SM/MBGP/MSDP ' is too complex and does not solve some of the current multicast communication needs in an efficient, satisfactory way.
This paper describes the implementation of an IPv6 platform in the Laboratory of Communications and Telematics of the University of Coimbra and, in doing so, identifies relevant obstacles to the deployment of multicast in present systems. The implementation was carried out in the context of the 6MNet Project - Developing New Multicast Models for IPv6 networks.
After the construction of an IPv6 island and its connection to the 6BONE, an SSM implementation was installed and explored, along with some SSM-aware applications. The experimental nature of SSM and the lack of applications that make full use of its promised benefits are the main conclusions of the presented work.


4th IASTED Conference on Wireless and Optical Communications, July 2004

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