Quality of Service Model and Signalling for Cellular IP Access Network



There has been a recent trend towards an all-IP network as it provides for costsavings
together with optimized network and ease of use. IP based networks are
fully utilized, applications can share the same connection and QoS levels can still
be guaranteed. But IP was designed for wired networks and wireless scenario
was not envisioned. Owing to explosive growth of wireless users and growing
demand of wireless services the internet body IETF has developed mobility management
schemes to enhance IP in mobility scenarios for wireless subscribers.
This trend has resulted in the development of Mobile IP to support node mobility.
Mobile IP is only suitable for macro-mobility hence alternate protocols have
been proposed in the literature to support seamless handoff in micro-mobile environments
like cellular access networks where mobile nodes change their point
of attachment frequently. Cellular IP is one of the popular solutions that support
fast handoff with paging in a cellular access network. In this paper, we propose
a Quality of Service model architecture based on IntServ for Cellular IP access
network and describe the signaling mechanism RSVP integrated with the native
protocol used to achieve the desired QoS.


Mobile Networks, Beyond 3G networks, Het

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