PROQOS ' Dynamic SLA Management in DiffServ Space Links



Several base elements for the provision of quality of service guarantees have been developed in the recent past. Of these, the Differentiated Services (DiffServ) architecture stands out as the most promising. In spite of this, various issues remain, especially when multi-domain DiffServ services are concerned. In this case, some forms of distributed management of Service Level Agreements that allow the specification, exchange, enforcement and monitoring of quality of service data must be in place. Although, again, some isolated solutions exist for each of these problems, considerable effort is necessary to make them work together. The project presented in this paper tried to assess the feasibility of providing differentiated quality of service in satellite IP networks, by developing a dynamic Service Level Agreement management solution for an IP over Digital Video Broadcast Satellite system. The functionality of the implemented system comprises system configuration, dynamic SLA negotiation, QoS monitoring and metering, SLA conformance checking, and QoS reporting to customers.


Policy-Based Management, Service Level Agreements Trading, Quality of Service, DVB-S




Journal of Network and Systems Management, Vol. 12, #4, December 2004

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