Comparative Study of Inter-Domain Traffic Optimization Algorithms



Inter-domain traffic engineering is a key issue when QoS-aware resource optimization is concerned. Mapping inter-domain traffic flows into existing service level agreements is, in general, a complex problem, for which some algorithms have recently been proposed in the literature. Nevertheless, these algorithms have not yet been the subject of extensive study. The purpose of this paper is to contribute to a better understanding of existing inter-domain optimization algorithms, by studying and comparing their performance in a variety of scenarios. The analysis presented in the paper showed that most algorithms fail in complex scenarios. To cope with this, several modifications to existing algorithms were proposed and tested. In addition, the analysis has shown that genetic based algorithms lead to better and lower cost solutions, at the expense of processing time.


Traffic Engineering


Traffic Engineering

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IST FP6 NoE E-NEXT: Emerging Networking Experiments and Technologies


3rd International Workshop on Internet Performance, Simulation, Monitoring and Measurements (IPS-MoMe 2005), March 2005

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